What Would we do Without Fake Tan?!


Being a pale human being, fake tan is my saviour at every party I attend. Not only that, it also saves me form the mega embarrassment of super pale skin when I go on holidays like I am now. I mean if you can’t have the body you’ve got to at least the skin, right?

My tan of choice is Bondi Sands because I absolutely loooooooove the colour. It always leaves me with a natural looking brown tint to my skin rather than looking like a cheese ball.. Apart from my hands and my feet which I fail so miserably to tan correctly, it never comes up streaky or patchy which is such a bonus!!

I prefer to use the foam formula in dark because I feel as though I can apply it best with foam. I pump 3-4 pumps onto a mittĀ at a time and blend thoroughly so minimise any lines. I like to sleep in it for the best developed colour possible. Yes, it gets everywhere but I try my best to cover myself up as much as possible to avoid stained sheets. I have found that Bondi Sands doesn’t “stain” my sheets as much as some others I’ve tried. Normally after a wash my sheets are as good as new.



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