What I’ve Learnt From Two Months of Blogging


Wooooo hoooooo!! It’s been exactly 2 months since I started Basically Life and gee I’ve learnt a lot. It hasn’t been easy and it has certainly been time consuming, but I have enjoyed every single second of it and I’m not stopping anytime soon.. There’s something about getting the perfect shot that gives me such a rush and being able to share it on here is even better.

So theres a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way that are certainly worth sharing for all those first time bloggers out there:

Be Consistent: Set yourself particular days to post and stick to it. If you put a date on it, theres a better chance you’ll do it. It also helps keep you organised so that you know which days you need to crack down and which days you can take a break. I like to keep my weekends free and stick to a regular Monday, Wednesday and Friday posting schedule. You’ll work out what works best for you pretty quick.

Choose an Aesthetic and Run With it: Pick a particular effect or a particular type of edit so that all your photos looks similar. This creates a really nice aesthetic for your readers to see and keeps a seamless look throughout each blog post. It took me a few attempts to work it out but once you do, you’ll nail the look of your blog and soon enough, you’ll be attracting hundreds!! (well I can’t guarantee it but my fingers are crossed for you).

Take the Time to Write: Putting effort into your photos is important, but what people read is more of a reflection upon your work more than anything. Take the time to write insightful posts. Be yourself and be true to the way you want to write. CHECK YOUR SPELLING!! I’ve made this mistake I know I will continue to mess up, but try your hardest to double and triple check everything!! Get someone else to check it for you if you really want to be precise.

Gain Inspiration from as many Different Bloggers as Possible: The more you search the more you’ll learn. I love to just scroll and observe what everyone else is doing and take tips and tricks forms many different people as possible. Everyone has a different style and everyone does things differently. This will help you work out the way you want to go about things in terms of your niche or the way you take your pictures or the way in which you write. I am forever learning from every blog post I read and I can feel myself improving because of it.



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