The wonders of SWEDEN


To many people, Sweden seemed like an unusual place to travel to. But for my family and I it was a no brainer. My mum was born in Sweden and lived there whilst she was young before moving out to Australia. It was a place that I’d heard so much about and seeing as my mum had never been back, it seemed like the right place to travel to as a family.

The city of Stockholm is one of the most incredible cities I have ever visited. Being made up of 14 different islands, the scenery was amazing no matter where you looked. The old style buildings, the cobble stone paths and the street carts selling traditional Swedish food were beautiful and the masses of sea broke up the old city buildings in the most beautiful way.

I felt that Stockholm was a very safe city and had no issue with wondering off on my own and exploring what the city had to offer. The shopping was next level and it defiantly made things that little bit better due to how good the Australian dollar was at the time we went over. Everything was so cheap!!

We eventually travelled south west to Gothenburg, one of the larger cities in Sweden to stay with family. The best thing about knowing locals when traveling is that they know the best places to take you which meant that we traveled to some of the cutest little towns and ate plenty of traditional food. I always believed that the traditional Swedish red house was a bit of a myth and that surely they wouldn’t still live in red and white houses. Surely it would be more modern than that? Well I was wrong. It’s defiantly not a myth. They were everywhere!!

Next time your planning a trip to Europe and want to go somewhere a little bit out of the ordinary, I would recommend Sweden. I may be slightly biased but it was such a beautiful city with so much to offer and I definitely will be returning at some point to visit this amazing place once again.

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