• London Dreaming


    There’s something about London that I absolutely love. I mean there has to be a reason why so many people love it and it’s certainly got nothing to do with the weather.. It’s a city with so much to offer and certainly left me wanting more. I’ve recently been thinking about travelling again and it’s safe […]

  • The City of Love \\ PARIS


    Two friends of mine have set off on a 4 month trip to Europe today and it’s defiantly got me reminiscing on my trip to Europe a few years back. It’s amazing how different things really are in a place that has so much more history than anywhere in Australia. It makes you realise just how […]

  • The wonders of SWEDEN


    To many people, Sweden seemed like an unusual place to travel to. But for my family and I it was a no brainer. My mum was born in Sweden and lived there whilst she was young before moving out to Australia. It was a place that I’d heard so much about and seeing as my mum […]

  • New South Wales


    New South Wales Australia has some of the most beautiful coastlines and secluded locations the average person would have no idea about. Owning a caravan means that we have the opportunity to stay in small towns that have no other accommodation options apart from a caravan park. Staying in a small town means that there are […]