Roller Lash or They’re Real?


When I purchased my Benefit They’re Real mascara, I had heard so many amazing things about it and I was super keen to finally use it for myself. At the hefty price of $36 I was expecting big things and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

It’s name really lives up to what it does, it truly makes your lashes look fake!! The formula is super thick and clumps up around the lash line which resembles the band of a fake lash, hence why it give your lashes the fake effect. It certainly enhances the volume of my lashes but doesn’t give too much length. Although this isn’t an issue for me personally as my lashes are fairly long, but if you have shorter lashes I would definitely be testing it out before you buy.



Roller Lash on the other hand seems to be a completely different formula. The brush is much thinner in comparison to the They’re Real which I love, as I think it adds more length to my lashes rather than volume. However, it still gives your lashes a decent amount of volume and spreads each lash really evenly leaving them looking perfectly fanned out.

So whats the verdict you may ask??

Well personally I prefer Roller Lash. I love the brush type just that little bit more than They’re Real as I feel it makes my eyes look more elegant rather than BAM THERES MY LASHES. Obviously that effect is perfect for a night out, and I could highly recommend both, but on an everyday basis, Roller Lash would be my personal choice.



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