REVIEW \\ Nude By Nature Brush Cleaner


No word of a lie, this brush cleaner has been a lifesaver on so many occasions. It allows you quickly clean your brush leaving it ready to use immediately. No drying time and cleans your brush perfectly with very little effort. Here’s how its done..


Onto a tissue, spray one or two sprays of the brush cleaner so the tissue feels damp.



Take a used dirty brush and wipe it across the tissue where you have applied the brush cleaner. You will see the pigments from the brush rubbing off onto the tissue leaving your brush clean and ready to use again.


This process can be applied to any and every brush and works a treat. I find it particularly handy when using eyeshadows as I can swap from one colour to another, quickly cleaning the brush in-between to get the best results.

Tarni x

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  1. Kate says: Reply

    These cleaners are brilliant. I’m much more likely to clean my brushes regularly when I have a product like this! I’m using a No 7 one at the moment which is very similar. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

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