• The Bomber


    Bomber jackets seem to be the go as of late and you can find them absolutely everywhere!! Almost every clothing store I go into, it’s guaranteed that there will be a bomber jacket, but I’ve learnt that they all vary ever so slightly, so buying one became a big decision. They come in an array […]

  • MAC Makeup Favs


    MAC is one of the only high end makeup brands that I have easy access to without stoping online which kinda sucks.. But I’m certainly not complaining because we all know the MAC makeup is some of the best in the business and one of the most sought after makeup brands. So here are 5 of […]

  • Morning Acai


    Acai bowls seem to be such a trend at the moment and I can see why. They are soooo delish and are super good for you!! So why wouldn’t you start your morning with one?!? I love that every cafe that serves one does it slightly differently or when making them yourself, everyone has their own […]

  • Melbourne Hot Spot #1


    Seeing as there are so may amazing places to see and go in and around Melbourne’s CBD, I thought why not create a segment outlining some of the super trendy places that I visit when in Melbourne?!? Just a heads up, I’m a bit of a foodie so they could all very well be super […]

  • Welcome to my Bedroom


    Having an eye for design, I have always loved decorating spaces and my bedroom is certainly no exception. You could say I’m pretty particular about the atheistic that I aim to achieve and I think I’ve finally made it. With a lot of colour testing and product searching, I found a look that I absolutely love and […]

  • Face Mask to the Rescue


    I have always struggled with bad skin since I was 13 and I can tell you now that I have tried almost every single cleanser, toner or scrub on the market in an attempt to clear it up. Medicinal or not nothing worked. The money my mum spent on buying good skin care was almost […]

  • Nike + Training Club App


    The Nike + Training Club App is the virtual personal trainer you’ve always wanted. With so many workouts to choose from the training possibilities are endless. This app gives you the option to choose from categories such as strength workouts, endurance workouts, athlete workouts and no equipment workouts just to name a few. The routines range […]

  • The City of Love \\ PARIS


    Two friends of mine have set off on a 4 month trip to Europe today and it’s defiantly got me reminiscing on my trip to Europe a few years back. It’s amazing how different things really are in a place that has so much more history than anywhere in Australia. It makes you realise just how […]

  • The Denim Jacket


    Denim Jackets are most certainly back this season in a big way. There are so many different shades and styles that it can be real struggle to find one that best suits you. After a lot of searching, I stumbled across this denim jacket by Assembly Label that was the perfect colour and cut. Pair […]