• Keeping Casual Classy


    I am such a casual person, always have been and I think I always will be. That’s not to say that I don’t love getting dressed up because I certainly do, but when it comes to everyday outfits, I like to keep it casual in a way that doesn’t involve trackies and a hoodie.. The […]

  • A Scarf a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


    Being more of a summer lover, the winter months seem longer than any other season and I absolutely hate it!! But if theres anything I do love about winter, it’s the fashion. As with any season, wearing the same old jackets day in and day out can get rather boring and I’m searching for ways […]

  • The Pickers Union


    For anyone that lives in the Geelong region, I’m sure you would of heard of this place. For those of you that don’t, prepare for some goodness. The Pickers Union is located in Mackey Street North Geelong, just off the main road to and from Melbourne, meaning it’s super easy access for almost everyone. For […]

  • London Dreaming


    There’s something about London that I absolutely love. I mean there has to be a reason why so many people love it and it’s certainly got nothing to do with the weather.. It’s a city with so much to offer and certainly left me wanting more. I’ve recently been thinking about travelling again and it’s safe […]

  • Fragrance Favs


    If your anything like me, choosing a perfume in a store can be the most confusing task everrrrrr. I feel as though every scent becomes stuck up my nostrils and by the end of it, they all start smelling the same!! Having said this, I love going into department stores and having a good sniff. […]

  • Melbourne Hot Spot #2


    To continue on with another Melbourne Hot Spot, I have chosen to post about a little cafe called Urban Provedore. This super cute cafe can be found on Toorak Road South Yarra. The interior of this place makes it feel warm and cosy and of course very welcoming. The staff were lovely and chai lattes […]