Packing Tips


I’ve done a fair bit of travel in my time and I haven’t always been the best at packing. I normally pack waaaaaaaay to much and never end up wearing hardly anything I’ve brought. I also had a habit of packing clothes that weren’t very versatile, meaning the one top could only go with one pair of shorts, stupid!!

So to stop you making the same mistakes like I did, heres a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your suitcase (keep in mind, where I’m headed the days will be warm but the nights will get chilly and I’m going for a week)

Bottom Layer:

The bottoms layer is where I like to put all my pants and shorts and I also stuff my gym gear and a beach towel into any gaps.

I have packed 3 pairs of pants for this trip. Trackies to wear on the plane and for lounging around, flowy pants for something nice yet comfy wear and jeans for going out to dinner. I have to be prepared for a change in the weather and packing 3 pairs of pants leaves me pretty well covered.

In terms of shorts, I’ve gone 3 plain and one pattern. Each pair of shorts can be dressed up or down which I think is really important when travelling (see, versatile). They are all super comfy and go with plenty of different tops.

For gym gear, I just take one sports bra, a pair of shorts and a pair of 3/4 lengths just so I have an option to wear either. I don’t take any specific top with me as the tops I have packed for everyday wear are fine to wear for a workout as well.





Middle Layer:

This is where all my tops go. As you can see I’m pretty plain on the top as I’m not a huge fan of patterned tops. I’m taking a white and black top in both a t-shirt and a singlet, as well as two long sleeves and a jumpsuit. I will also be wearing a jacket in plane so I’ll have something super warm if it’s needed.

Packing plain tops means that I can wear any top with any bottoms. That’s where the versatile element comes in. If you pack too much pattern, your very limited to what you can wear it with, meaning much of what you pack goes to waste.




Top Layer:

This layer is where all the bits and bobs go as I like to call it. Things like my laptop, camera, makeup, toiletries, hair straighter and chargers all go on this level. Bulking u the top layer can help stop your clothes from rolling all around the place too.


The Lid:

This is where all my underwear, bras, socks, swimwear and shoes go. Again, this helps to bulk up your top layer keeping your clothes in tact. This is pretty much the section where everything gets “chucked”. No folding required..




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