Packing Makeup for a Holiday


Packing makeup for a holiday isn’t always the easiest task, but I think I’ve learnt over the years the best way to pack everything you use without taking your entire collection..


Face: This involves all things cover up!! Here’s a list of things I deem to be the most important products for the face while your away..

Primer – I might be on holidays but I still want my makeup to last!!

CC Cream – This is a must when going anywhere warm because of the sunscreen element in it.

Foundation – I like to also use a regular foundation for times when I don’t need the sunscreen element in my foundation.

Powder – I also like to pack a mineral oder for when I just want a light coverage. I have a travel size Nude By Nature one which is perfect.

Brushes – Fluffy brush and foundation brush is all you will need.


Cheeks: The cheeks are my fav part of makeup so limiting this is hard but you have to remember to be practical!!

Setting Powder – Always a must no matter where you are in my opinion.

Bronzer – Something glowy and something that can still give you some nice definition.

Blush – A natural colour blush is the way to go

Contour Kit – I love taking a contour kit because it has a contour shade for my cheek bones and a highlighter, so its a two in one.

Brushes – Small broker brush and a large bronzer brush, as well as something to apply the powder with.


Eyes: This ones tricky but I’ve worked it out!!

Eyeshadow – Take ONE PALETTE, yes one palette, that is neutral and easy to use for day and night.

Brows – This eyeshadow palette luckily enough has a colour that I use for my brows in it which is so handy!! All I need to bring that is extra is the brow brush..

Mascara – I like to bring a water proof one and a normal one so that I have something to swim with if I choose to.

Brushes – Fluffy eyeshadow brush, pencil brush and brow brush.


Lips: The most simple part!!

Lipstick – Take two colours that you use religiously!! Maybe add another one if you know you might be going out somewhere fancy at night..

Lip Liner – Nude is the way to go because it suits anything!!

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