Noosa National Park


If your heading to Noosa sometime soon or contemplating a trip to the sunny coast (stop contemplating and just do it), leave some time to walk around the national park headland in Noosa Heads. Depending on how quick you want to walk, at a steady pace (stopping for pictures every 5 seconds) it took me roughly 45 minutes one way. Walking at a quicker pace, I definitely could of knocked it out in around an hour. No matter how fast or slow you choose to do it, be prepared for a few little hills and some pretty spectacular views.

Starting at the national park carpark, you’ll first head up around boiling pot point where there’s some great photo opportunities at a stunning lookout spot. TheĀ first little inlet that you hit is Tea Tree Bay, which is a gorgeous little beach that makes you wanna strip down to your bathers and jump right in. Somewhat secluded, it makes for the perfect place to pop up an umbrella and spend a full day basking in the sun and swimming in the crystal clear water.





One passing Dolphin Point (where that was no dolphins to be seen.. Typical), you’ll find Granite Bay. Not only is this a great surf spot, but again is a secluded little beach with you guessed it, crystal clear water. Granite Bay is a bit more of a walk if your planning on bringing down some gear and spending the day, but totally worth the trek.



The turning point of our trek was Hell’s Gates. Although you can keep walking past this and continue along the track, we decided to head back as it was a bit shorter (poor granny was struggling). Hell’s gates is a large headland that has nothing below it other than sharp rocks and gushing water that resembles a washing machine. As much as it isn’t all that inviting, it’s also absolutely stunning weirdly enough.


The National Park also has many treks that go inland through the bush, rather than going around the outside following the ocean, but I highly recommend trekking around the outside because these views are not to be missed.


Tarni x

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