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MAC is one of the only high end makeup brands that I have easy access to without stoping online which kinda sucks.. But I’m certainly not complaining because we all know the MAC makeup is some of the best in the business and one of the most sought after makeup brands. So here are 5 of my MAC favourites in review..


MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Soft and Gentle: My number 1 MAC fav is the Mineralise Skinfinish Soft and Gentle. I’m sure you’ve all heard about it (well I hope you have) as it give your cheeks the most gorgeous shimmery glow. The natural peachy tone of this highlighter looks stunning and glowwy on the cheeks and is super buildable. A little bit goes a long way with this product because its so darn pigmented!! Worth every cent and can be purchased HERE.


MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Setting Spray: Another absolute must have is the MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Setting Spray. I have never been a primer person as I have never felt the need to wear it. But a friend of mine recommended that I tried Fix + and oh my wow I love it for so many reasons!! I like to spray it all over my face before applying foundation just as you would with any other primer product. I also like to spray my flat foundation brush with it before applying my foundation, as the foundation spreads so evenly and easy across my face. It also gives a really nice dewy effect when sprayed after your foundation application. This product is also an absolute beast when it comes to foiled eyeshadows. Wet your brush before applying a foiled shadow or pigment and watch the magic happen. No joke, I came home from a night out and it still looked like I had only just put my eyeshadow on. It stuck like glue!! Not only that it makes the shadow so much more pigmented. Definitely a must try!! You can buy it HERE.


MAC Feminine Wiles Foiled Shadow: Unfortunately, this exact eyeshadow was a limited edition but I guess I just want to bring to your attention how good these foiled shadows are. This is a pinky purple shade and its gorgeous with so many looks which is one reason why its one of my favs. The other reason being that the glitter in these foiled shadows is really pigmented. Theres nothing worse then getting a glittery eyeshadow and when you put it on, it hardly even sparkles. These foiled shadows, especially combined with the Fix + is the way to go. Guaranteed colour pay off and glitter pay off also.


MAC Lipstick: We all know MAC lipsticks are some of the best and I can understand why. They are super pigmented and really long wearing which is an absolute bonus. The shade on the left, Angel Kiss, is one of the super sheen formulas. The consistency is really buttery and just glides on like a god. The shade on the right, Twig, is the satin formula which is personal fav of mine, as it’s basically matte but with a bit more moisture, which means that it lasts all day.


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  1. Khaira says: Reply

    my all time fav – the mac setting spray. It’s a lifesaver and so reliable.

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