How to Create the Perfect Mood Board


I have wanted one of these bad boys for such a long time and I have finally got around to doing it!! Mood board, vision board or inspiration board, which ever you may call it, is a personal yet useful space to display all the things you love. The idea is to keep some sort of theme running with it, something that matches you and your style. Some people like to make it more of a ‘dreams’ type board where they place everything about their dreams and aspirations, maybe places they’d like to travel or things they’d like to own. I have used mine as a place for memories, where I can change it up as my memories evolve. Here are some of the key parts of my vision board and a few little ideas you can add to yours:

Photos: First things first is obviously the photos. I love using square pictures with a white boarder just because I love the way it looks. I used an App called PocketPrints to print these photos and they came out amazing!! So easy, super fast and completely inexpensive.. What more could you want?!

DSC_5531  DSC_5533

Arrangement: This is where your OCD can come into play when arranging where you want everything to go. It’s almost like trying to work out a puzzle as everything has it’s place. I love having a combination of quotes and images as I find that the size and simplicity of the writing breaks up the pictures really well. I like using a combination of pegs and pins to hang things up. I use pins for the items that I don’t mind getting a hole in and I use pegs for the pictures I want to keep holeless (not sure if thats a word but I’m running with it). For some reason, with this particular mood board I didn’t like the whole ‘string and peg’ look, so instead I stuck the pegs up with blu tack and they sit there just fine.



Quotes: Quotes can be found anywhere and everywhere. You can either print them off from your computer, find them in magazines or even just write them out yourself. I found these ones in a magazine and I fell in love with how well done they were.


Personal Images: I think its really important to keep plenty of personal images of yourself and your friends on here. Seeing as it’s a board filled with memories and things you love, it seems like a no brainer to put some of your favourite people on there. You might notice Gaz from Geordie Shore makes an appearance, yep, I met him at a club and that was pretttyyyyyyyy cool. Below that you’ll see a picture of a few of my friends and I playing laser tag. I’d like to let you know that this was taken at 1:00am because we decided that that was a perfect time to go and play laser tag (we had a ball)!!


Practicality: Seeing as this mood board sits above my desk, it seemed only right to put something practical on there. This is just a single piece sheet from a notepad that I can change over whenever so that I can write all the things I need to remember on there. I also loved the idea of putting a pen up there with full credit going to Kikki K for that fab idea!!


Where to buy?

Mood Board and Notepad: Kikki K

Photos: PocketPrintsApp

Pegs and Pins: Typo


Tarni x

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