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If your anything like me, choosing a perfume in a store can be the most confusing task everrrrrr. I feel as though every scent becomes stuck up my nostrils and by the end of it, they all start smelling the same!! Having said this, I love going into department stores and having a good sniff. I generally stick to the scents that aren’t on the sweet side. I would call it more of a sexy scent, mainly because I don’t actually know the word for it would be.. Savoury?? I don’t know but you catch my drift. I think it smells sexy and thats what I look for in a perfume.

I better start off by saying that my favourite ever fragrance, Chanel Eau Vive, isn’t pictured in this blog post, mostly because I could never afford it, but man I love the smell of it. I’m that annoying person that sprays it on every time I walk into the store and quickly walks away, making it so obvious I just came in for a quick spray.. But these 3 fragrances are my favourites that I own and heres why:



Narciso Rodriguez makes a killer scent but the Narciso Eau De Parfum is a personal favourite. I think its the perfect balance between sweet and sexy but it also has a hint of musk which makes it so unique compared to many other perfumes.


We all love Calvin Klein products and this one is no exception. This is for sure a go to perfume of mine. Calvin Klein Beauty is such a sexy feminine scent and the best part about it, is that it’s super affordable. I highly recommend this fragrance if you prefer zero sweetness because I guarantee you’ll love it.


Do I even need to explain why I love this one?? I mean it’s Marc Jacobs so you can’t go wrong, but this one is just beautiful. Daisy Dream is very similar to the original Daisy but I feel as though it has a little more of a feminine side. It has a slightly sweet hint of goodness that makes it a dreamy scent, just as the name suggests.

Tarni x

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  1. I’d really like to try the Narciso Rodriguez scent! I’ve seen it on SO many blogs/social media that I really need to go and have a sniff of it myself haha.

    Great post 🙂

    Kelsey x

    1. Tarni says: Reply

      Would highly recommend going and having a sniff haha, it’s so nice!! Thanks so much x

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