Blogging has been something that I have always loved the idea of. Writing freely about topics such as travel, fashion, beauty and fitness is something that seems to flow quite naturally to me and I’m so excited that I have finally launched my first ever blog. I aim to deliver weekly blog posts in relation to everything LIFESTYLE in the hopes of informing and inspiring you lovely people to live the best life possible.

So, let me introduce myself..

My name is Tarni.  An 18 year old design student living in coastal Victoria, Australia. Living by the beach and in a somewhat “country town” has shaped the person that I am today. A person that has a very poor sense of Melbourne’s public transport system and considers flip flops as an acceptable from of footwear.. Totally not ashamed by the way. As much as I love the city and all things glam, I certainly have a better knowledge of a tide chart or a surf report than trying to work out where I am in Melbourne’s CBD. I probably sound like the worst person to be writing blog posts in relation to fashion and beauty based on those statements, but I promise you that my eye for fashion  and beauty stems much further than bikinis and SPF based foundation (although these topics are not entirely off my radar). Fitness has become a huge part of my daily routine recently and its safe to say that I actually really love it. Theres something about smashing a high intensity workout that makes me feel amazing whether the results are evident or not.  There has never been a year in my life where I haven’t been somewhere away from home (spoilt brat) which has allowed me to experience some pretty amazing places both within Australia and abroad. I hope to continue these travels and share them with you as it’s something that I’m so excited to embark on, when the bank account allows for it that is..

Thank you for visiting and happy reading!!

Tarni x