A Scarf a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


Being more of a summer lover, the winter months seem longer than any other season and I absolutely hate it!! But if theres anything I do love about winter, it’s the fashion. As with any season, wearing the same old jackets day in and day out can get rather boring and I’m searching for ways to jazz up my style.

Scarves are one of those winter accessories that I’ve never really been too good at styling. But this season there has been an influx of snoods, which is a circle shaped scarf meaning it has no beginning or end. There are so many bonus’ to this style of scarf with the number one bonus being that they are so easy to style!!

Snoods like the one I’m wearing below are designed so that you can wear them long as shown, or you can wrap it around again so it’s cosy around your neck. I love the tartan pattern of this scarf as it compliments a plain outfit so well. I love warming up with a scarf and long sleeve rather than wearing a jacket day in day out. I think it’s the perfect way to get snazzy with your winter outfits.

If you can’t tell, I’m also obsessed with these baggy elastic wait jeans. I guess they are very similar to a boyfriend jean without the rips. I bought these seasons ago from Billabong but you can still purchase ones really similar everywhere. They are the perfect comfy jean to wear to uni or on the weekend when your aiming for a classy casual type look. Absolute winter staple!!

Tarni x






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